17-year-old granddaughter Yeltsin was going to get married

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30-year-old recently confirmed his affair with a schoolgirl, who, according to him, started long ago, writes portal “7 days”. While Smolov previously parted with Victoria and lopyrevoy, waiting Yumashev older. Now the couple plans to officially register their relationship immediately after the girl will celebrate her 18th birthday.

“Surrounded by the pair say that the senior school age Masha Smolova does not bother. The wedding they are planning to play next year, when the beautiful granddaughter of Boris Yeltsin was 18 years old. According to Russian laws, in this age, she can marry. By the way, Yumasheva there is also the Austrian citizenship – in this country, it is also allowed to marry and to marry at this age”, — the newspaper notes.

The girl’s relatives do not object to such an early marriage. The wedding will hold on the island of St. Barth in the Caribbean.

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