906 million tenge was received by the Fund Birgemiz

b09f59a06749aeb7f95398e38a9d236a 600x400 - 906 million tenge was received by the Fund Birgemiz

The Chairman of the Fund Ruslan Sakaev announced the immediate availability of 906 million tenge in public “piggy Bank” Birgemiz.

“Earlier in mass media it was stated that the representatives of big business the country sent 41 million dollars in our public Fund Birgemiz, created on the initiative of President Nursultan Nazarbayev to support the socially vulnerable layers of the population in the fight against the coronavirus. With the first payment system in the amount of 5 million tenge came from ordinary concerned citizen MADI Extrapola”, — said Ruslan Sakaev.

The Chairman of the Foundation expressed their gratitude to the man for supporting the initiative of the President.

“On behalf of the Foundation expressed his gratitude for the support extended to initiatives aimed at the needy people of Kazakhstan at such a difficult time. The rest of the 901 million tenge – from several legal entities. Im also a huge thanks to him”, — concluded Ruslan Sakaev.

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