Akorda and a Library. Where is the center?

Political analyst and Director of the CCS Talgat Kaliyev on telegrams channel expressed his opinion about a topic that is actively being discussed in social networks — the alleged dual power.

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“First wrote about it, presumably. Then in the affirmative. Now whispering. The dual power. Where did spoiled fantasy?

One telegram channel known conspiracy revelations in the spirit of “Nazarbayev whispered with Putin”. Complete nonsense. If they are whispering, it will never become available to the public.

They do it without unnecessary witnesses and interpreters, and if the witnesses, then only with those who know the price of this trust. In terms of a limited circle of initiates to determine the leakage channel is quite simple. And if the channel is so blatantly dezinformare in one, there is no reason to trust him in everything else. Most likely,

replication of misinformation was the main goal of this anonymous communications channel

Some Russian, not the, admittedly, rating and respectable resources also love to talk about the dual power in Kazakhstan, analyzing, allegedly inflaming the conflict between the first and second presidents.

Who and why?

Analysts think, clearly uninitiated in the subtleties of nature, the Kazakh authorities, confusing the weight, camps, functional competences described defendants. What

it can be assumed that the customer publication is not an inhabitant of the Kremlin offices

Publications for ordering them would be more analytical, attention to detail, and would be posted on a more reputable resources.

Then who and why? It can be assumed that the customer or customers are the representatives of various elite groups, who fear the loss of the impact taking place in the country. Since any changes will inevitably affect the balance of power, are always interested in preserving the current status quo. And as they are deepening will increase and the resistance of conservative forces. And, of course, the representatives of the immigration camps.

To whom is addressed the rumors?

Who are the recipients of this misinformation? What is their meaning, if the key characters know about the absence of conflict? If you know about it and close to the decision-making process of the inhabitants of the reports and Libraries, it turns out that the recipients of all the others.

Simple civil servants, ordinary people and active part of society.

The first of these rumors needs to disorient and demoralize, as believing they can lose the will and ability initiative, which ultimately could undermine the effectiveness of the entire state machine. The second will be forced to propagate rumors with redoubled zeal. Third cause to protest, since in the transition period or in terms of contradictions it is possible to play certain positions.

In reality, objectively seen not only signs of the conflict, and even competition between the staff reports and Libraries

Although healthy competition could contribute to a surge of creativity in both camps. That would be welcome. Therefore, the camps exist only in someone’s fantasies. Those who don’t realize the true picture of today’s reality, as the will of fate found themselves outside the decision-making center. And by all means would like it to be.

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