“In Kazakhstan there is no dual power” — William Moser, U.S. Ambassador

In an interview to “Radio Azattyk”, the U.S. Ambassador to Kazakhstan William Moser shared his thoughts on what is happening in our country.

69feb4c1306732a77399c07326d9cc43 - "In Kazakhstan there is no dual power" — William Moser, U.S. AmbassadorU.S. Ambassador to Kazakhstan William Moser

On the transit authority

The United States supported the peaceful transfer of power in Kazakhstan. We have very good relations with the current administration of President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev. We work together on the implementation of the proposed head of your state initiatives to improve the situation in the country. We do not think that Kazakhstan has a dual power.

On investments

American companies consider Kazakhstan a country favourable for investment and business. Over the past years, the US has invested more than $ 30 billion is contributed to the development of the country’s oil industry. In addition, the United States invested 36.7 billion dollars in the company Tengizchevroil, which is developing the Tengiz Deposit. We believe in the potential of Kazakhstan. And work not only in the oil and gas sector.

About agriculture

Under the historic agreement, signed in January 2018 US President Donald trump and the first President Nursultan Nazarbayev, Kazakhstan has come a few trading companies USA. Among them are mining, industrial and agricultural. We want to develop relations in these three sectors. Especially many opportunities of Kazakhstan in the sphere of agriculture.

American companies say that the Republic uses its potential in agriculture is not fully

However, Kazakhstan has an opportunity to emerge in the agricultural sector a world leader.

On his mission

In the framework of the basic principles of cooperation between the two countries realized many issues, starting with the teaching of English and ending with the security issues and the return of Kazakhs from Syria. This shows that the United States respects the independence of Kazakhstan. We will always extend a helping hand to a country that is becoming one of the key players in the international arena. This is my duty.

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