When the governors of coronavirus work “at C grade” — rating

In the next semi-annual rating of akims of oblasts and cities of Republican significance, the former leaders flew to the end of the table. In General

in a pandemic no one was able to gain an average rating of 4 points on a 7-point scale

Rating based on expert assessments made up OF “Strategy”.

Evaluated on the following criteria:

  • population satisfaction with the work done by the Governor,
  • management of the economic and political situation in the region (including balancing regional clans)
  • openness (including social networks),
  • prospect mayor as a politician.

Satisfactory not so good

In the first half of 2020 evaluation governors declined from 2019. Experts evaluated the work of all below average.

None of the governors had not crossed the threshold at 4 points (on a seven-point scale)

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Nevertheless, against this background, there are leaders and outsiders.

First place in the efficiency rating went to the new head of Zhambyl oblast Berdibek Saparbayev (3.48 points).

Saparbayev called the “root of Kordai events”

— However, his first place was developed from high management assessments of the political situation (1st place; score 3.78), the economic situation (1st place; score of 3.44) and of satisfaction with the work of the region’s population (1st place; 3.44 points) — listed by sociologists.

However, in the management of the situation by experts sounded and claims:

“does not solve inter-ethnic problems, not learning from the pogroms in Kordai, but on the contrary, even made them worse”.

— At the same time experts doubt prospects of the head of the region and note that “he has developed all their Luggage,” added the authors.

Second place was taken by the Governor of the Turkestan region Umirzak Shukeyev (3.43 points).

He also received relatively high levels in managing the political situation (2nd place; 3.58 points) and satisfaction with the work of the population (2nd place; 3.42 points). However, few experts believe in its prospects, as “this “bison” was expecting more, but to no avail”.

For the first place it took not so much

Significantly improved position in the rating of the akim of West Kazakhstan region Gali Iskaliev (from 8 to 3; 3.41 points).

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— Progress was primarily due to the very high rate of “information openness” (1st place) and a high enough index of “prospects” (3rd place) — said the authors of the rating.

Significantly improved the rating of the akim SKO Kumar Aksakalov, rising from 11th to 4th place (score 3.25). The experts agreed that it is the most promising regional Manager, by giving him according to this criterion the first place. However

this was enough to score 3.5 points, the other results were even worse

Akim of East Kazakhstan region Danial Akhmetov has also risen — from 7 to 5 place (3.22 points). However, some respondents noted that in “too many problems and scandals”.

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Became Governor of Kyzylorda region in the end of March 2020 Gulshara Abdykalikova nevertheless occupied a relatively high 8-th line. Experts expect that it “will be able to show good results”. But lamented the lack of information in the national media.

Flew high, fell hurt

The rating of the akim of Almaty region Amandyk Batalov sociologists call “fall quarter”. First Batalov fell to 12th (-1,06 p. p.).

Experts commented the decision as follows:

“Almaty region is the champion in unemployment, violations of land legislation. Agricultural production suffers.

Daily labour migration from the region in Almaty is not less than 150 thousand people

That is 600-700 thousand people in Almaty region fed by the Almaty. Jobs in the region created low and they are mostly seasonal”;

The number of people (almost all the working population), asked for assistance from the state during the period of quarantine, exceeded all norms

This indicates the highest level of unemployment and extremely low incomes. Fertile land withdrawn from circulation through the sale and illegal corruption.”

Kazakhstan citizens are torn in a million – the nuances of domestic migration

“Because of the age of prospects on future career misty.”

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Noticeably lost ground and Almaty akim Bakytzhan Sagintayev. So, if at the end of 2019, he took 3rd place in the first half of 2020 was on the 11th (3.04 points).

— According to experts, the Governor of the financial and cultural center not very strong and long adapts to his new position — sociologists.

The governors of Altai Kulginov (10th place), Serik Trunov (14) in the first half of 2020 has preserved its position in the ranking. Even though we lost a few points.

Experts also low praised the work of “beginners” rating. This akim of Pavlodar region, Abylkair Skakov, Akmola region Yermek Marzhikpayev, Atyrau region Makhambet Dosmukhambetov. They settled 15th and 17th positions respectively.

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